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Transformer Maintenance

Transformer Maintenance

Transformer maintenance is vital to keep the unit in safe operational condition, and to also obtain an acceptable service life. A neglected transformer will almost always fail relatively earlier to a properly maintained unit. When you consider the costs of a major capital asset, and the loss of productive operations, a low cost maintenance program is extremely cost effective. Initially an annual visual inspection & oil sample/testing program will closely monitor general unit condition and note the electrical properties of the oil. After five or more years in service, additional checks and tests should be conducted to ensure maximum optimum condition of the transformer, and early indication of oil deterioration (trending of regular sampling), mal-operation of protective devices and general condition of the tank and radiators etc. early detection and remedial works will ensure a long and safe life for your transformer.

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Electrical Troubleshooting

Contact your Protech Power Asset Specialists in Brisbane and Townsville for electrical troubleshooting with regards to Transformer Maintenance.

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