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Transformer Installation

Transformer Installation

It is important that a transformer be installed properly, ensure there are no oil/gas leaks, conduct testing to deem the transformer will operate within design and operational parameters. Generally small units, below 10Mva are shipped full of oil and only require correct placement on a pre prepared concrete pad, connection of cables and control cables, commissioning tests which may include monitoring & protective devices. An oil sample should be taken for testing – DGA/DAM to ascertain the oil is dry with low gas levels, and safe to energise the transformer. Larger transformers would generally be shipped to site empty of oil, and with separate shipments of radiators & conservator for fitment on site. The transformer is then vacuumed for some hours before filter filling with oil. More extensive testing of higher voltage units could include SFRS, DLA testing of bushings etc, Generally there is a multi tap OLTC fitted which also requires full range testing.

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Electrical Troubleshooting

Please contact us for electrical troubleshooting services for Transformer Installation.

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