RPEQ Engineers

RPEQ Engineers

RPEQ Engineers

An RPEQ Engineer is an engineer registered by the board of Professional Engineers Queensland. An RPEQ maintains a high professional standard backed by comprehensive insurance to guarantee that the job is right.

Certification by an RPEQ is essential for most work carried out in Queensland and independent certifications guarantees you quality and peace of mind.

Protech PAS has a team of professional engineers supervised by a RPRQ engineer to deliver the highest quality of service required.

More Information

Becoming a RPEQ is a four-stage process:

1. Qualification – graduating from a recognised tertiary institute with a four-year undergraduate degree in engineering (or equivalent)

2. Competency – gained through experience working as an engineer and carrying out professional engineering services; between 3-5 years

3. Assessment – qualification and competency assessed through an approved assessment scheme

4. Application – made to BPEQ along with letter of assessment and fitness to practice declaration