High Voltage Auditing

High Voltage Electrical Apparatus Switching

High Voltage Electrical Apparatus Switching

Entities must ensure that there are systems in place to identify the risks, required actions and Authorised Persons to operate HV electrical plant and equipment prior to authorising the commencement of any work.

To ensure safety during a high voltage switching operation, the available information regarding risk assessment and circuit conditions shall be considered. No electrical apparatus shall be operated if it is inappropriate for the duty to be performed. Written and authorised instructions shall be used to reduce the risk of incorrectly operating HV apparatus.

For all HV switching, two persons must be present during switching operations except when the switching is done in accordance with documented procedures developed by the entities or under emergency conditions.

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A switching program or schedule that clearly identifies the operators, equipment and required actions should be generated and authorised prior to any HV switching.

Isolation should be clearly identified in any switching schedule.

Switching in accordance with a switching program must not be undertaken unless each operator and checker:

Is assigned and their names are recorded on the switching program.

A Switching Operator and a Switching Checker must be assigned, and their names must be recorded on the switching program. In all cases, the Switching Checker must carefully and independently check each switching operation and its sequence for correctness. The Switching Checker must stop the switching operation should it become evident that the Switching Operator is about to perform an incorrect or unsafe switching operation.  The Switching Checker must not unnecessarily talk with the Switching Operator. Unless a two-person operation is involved, the Switching Checker must stand well clear to check the correct identification of equipment by the Switching Operator.

Except in emergency circumstances, only authorised Switching Operators whose training, duties and instructions cover the particular electrical apparatus involved shall undertake switching and associated duties on HV electrical apparatus.

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