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Generator Testing

Generator Testing

At Protech Power, we are able to provide a comprehensive current state assessment (CSA) of you rotating machinery, such as generators and motors.  The CSA is always accomplished by following the most rigorous procedures and a comprehensive suite of tests to ensure reliability and peace of mind for the future operation of your plant.

Your asset will be tested, maintained and evaluated by experienced professionals utilising the highest quality equipment and the latest technology to achieve the best result within your budget.

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Your High Voltage (HV) rotating machines such as generators and motors can be assessed, tested and maintained by experienced professionals with years of know-how in the industry within Australia and Internationally.

We deliver comprehensive CSA reports describing all aspects of current state of your asset reached by carrying out a wide-range of tests to identify, evaluate the condition of items such as:

  • Equipment winding and insulation,
  • Joints, terminations and connections
  • Shorted turns on stator and rotor,
  • Stator and rotor laminations and much more.

We bring experienced professionals who will on-site inspect your asset and utilise the latest testing technology to deliver a high standard service.

By performing tests such as: Dielectric Loss Angle (DLA) and Recurrent Surge Oscillography (RSO) combined with thorough visual inspection, Protech Power will provide the best value for money service complying to appropriate national and international standards employing the best-practice.

Electrical Troubleshooting

For Generator Testing electrical troubleshooting, give Protech PAS a call today.

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