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Earthing System Design

Earthing System Design

All Earth Grid Designs are conducted following the relevant Australian Standards and legislative requirements for earth grid design of high voltage installation earth grids. Using reputable design software allows the design to be modelled and improved until a compliant design has been achieved.

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By using the most reputable software applications in the market (such as: CDEGS, SES, Ground Fault Pro, Auto Ground Pro), Protech Power, is capable of delivering a safe and cost efficient Earth Grid Design which is developed through a rigorous process engineering judgement, resulting in the best solution to suit your needs and comprehensively protect your personnel against the dangers related to earth faults.

We provide a complete package from concept scoping of your earth grid to complete design and reporting including the relevant Professional Engineering sign-offs as required in certain Australian states (i.e. RPEQ in Queensland).

Protech Power provides quicker and more flexible designs that produce information about safety criteria for the complete grid and surrounding areas, not just the grid boundary conditions, allowing for efficient modelling of existing designs and used to evaluate whether the site meets the safety requirements under Earth fault conditions.

We follow Australian Standards such as: AS2067 in order to ensure that high voltage installations remain safe under earth fault conditions.

We can also analyse and evaluate your existing design to ensure compliance with the relevant standards and legislative requirements.

Electrical Troubleshooting

For electrical troubleshooting help with earthing system design, contact Protech Power.

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