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Arc Flash Studies

Arc Flash Studies

Protech Power has the solutions to your questions in Power Systems and Arc Flash studies.  By providing a complete Power Systems Analysis of you plant and utilising the latest modelling software applications such as Power Tools For Windows Software

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Protech Power provides comprehensive Power System Analysis services and delivers packages comprising of modelling of electrical systems for the purpose of providing design criteria, cable sizing, circuit breaker sizing, maximum and minimum fault currents, contributions to fault from various machine and buses, protective relay co-ordination including Arc Flash Safety Evaluation for the danger that workers in the vicinity of the switchgear will be exposed to.  Analysis of incident energy in the Arc will be evaluated and protection settings will be designed, if required, in order to reduce the risk of injury and the development of labelling systems to attach to equipment, indicating the level of PPE required before working on the equipment will be performed.

Using reputable software that allows efficient power system modelling and simulation of various scenarios modelling of the in the power system, we identify the maximum and minimum fault levels for various types of fault and used these to evaluate suitability of equipment and co-ordination of protective devices, including load flow study which will show the power flows, voltages and currents to ensure that cable sizes are adequate and the power source is capable of supplying the power system, ensuring cables , supports and circuit breakers be capable of withstanding maximum faults within your system.

Taking a holistic approach, we are able to gather site data and carry out a comprehensive load assessment by mean of load flow analysis, develop and deliver protection relay settings, considering the highest standards of safety and protective device co-ordination to cater with all needs of your business complying with the relevant Australian and International Standards.

Electrical Troubleshooting

If you require electrical troubleshooting for arc flash studies, contact Protech Power Asset Specialists.

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